Chalet Studio Winter 2018

David Barrett Guitar Summit

It has been a busy winter here at the Chalet. In January we hosted the David Barrett Guitar Summit. Guitar enthusiasts from all over the country came to take part in the workshop to learn, listen and record. Here is a picture of David Barrett and Michael Sadler from Sage performing.

Guinness World Record

We were thrilled, as sponsors and performers, to get the news that Kevin Ker from Epidemic Music Group had won the Guinness World Record for longest concert by multiple artists. Here is Heather Cook Scala, Kevin Ker and Sheila-Marie Richardson holding the certificate.


Kim Ratcliffe, Ian DeSouza, Ian Bodzasi Aubrey Dayle and Vernon Reid

It was a such a pleasure to watch these pros in action. Vernon Reid from Living Colour flew up from Atlanta to produce and play on the recording.


Ayden Jacobs Project

Andy Narsingh producing and playing bass for Ayden Jacobs.